HDPE Saddle Fusion Training

Saddle Fusion Process for McElroy Hand Operated Equipment
Sidewinder Fusion Machine Up To 4” Branch Saddles


The program undertaken by the PPI Task Group for the testing of representative materials under a generic set of conditions was designed to reflect the fusion conditions and parameters specified in most joining procedures recommended by pipe producers and qualified by pipeline operators.  It produced a PPI Technical Report (TR-33/99) that reflects a Generic Butt Fusion Procedure that most of the Polyethylene Gas Pipe manufacturer’s recommend. At the conclusion of the butt fusion phase of the program, the task group started its testing to develop a Generic Saddle Fusion Procedure that is based on common interfacial pressures and heater adapter surface temperatures. In anticipation of a change in the Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure (MAOP) and the design factor from .32 to .40, it was felt that this procedure was needed to insure safety in saddle fusion on live gas mains. It was intended to provide a technical basis for the development of a proposed generic saddle fusion procedure (see Appendix A) that can be offered to the industry for use with selected PE piping products.  The procedure would be available for use by pipeline operators who would determine whether the procedure is appropriate for their use with the PE piping products they employ.  Pipeline operators may consider recommendations and testing performed by others in their efforts to comply with the fusion procedure qualification requirements of 49 C.F.R. § Part 192.283 (Plastic pipe; qualifying joining procedures).

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