HDPE Butt Fusion Testing

Arctic Insulation and Manufacturing offers  independent testing for both  HDPE Butt Fusion joints  and Electro fusion couplings.  Our field technicians have been trained , and qualified by McElroy Manufacturing, and Central Plastics Company.  Technicians are available  for field gathering of samples  if required or HDPE butt fusion and or electro fusion samples  can be sent directly to our test facility located in Big Lake Alaska .


Field Technician for gathering of  fusion samples.              $1000.00 per day
plus all expenses. Technician is on a eight hour day.

Butt Fusion Bend Back Test with test report.                       $25.00 (Per sample)

Butt Fusion Tensile Test with test report.                              $50.00 (Per sample)

Electro Fusion Lab Vise Test with test report.                      $50.00 (Per sample)


McElroy Butt fussing and Central Plastics Electro Fusion Training both in house and or field  training .

Field Technician for In Field Training.                                                                                          $1000.00 per day
plus all expenses.  Technician is on a eight hour day.

In House Training. (Anchorage, or Big Lake Alaska.)

McElroy Butt fusion Training with written test and one year qualification.                              $250.00 per test.

McElroy Side Wall Butt Fusion Training with written test and one year qualification.          $250.00 per test.

McElroy Data Logger Training, with written test and one year qualification.                           $250.00 per test.

McElroy In Field Tensile Tester with written test and one year qualification.                         $150.00 per test.

Central Plastics Electro Fusion Training  with written test and one year qualification.         $250.00 per test.


  1. Receive paper work and samples from AIM training technician.
  2. Prepare sample for testing:
    1.  Coupon for tensile test or
    2. 1” strip for butt fusion bend back weld test.
    3. Tensile test coupon to placed in hydraulic pull tester.  Tensile sample to be pulled apart and record results.
    4. Option b cut a 1”- 1 ½” wide strip from fusion area with a minimum length of 6” or 1.5 times the pipe O.D. from center line of weld on each side, slowly bend strip to were the two ends touch record results.
    5. Testing of a electro  fusion coupler is done by cutting sample in half placing into a vice were coupling is 1-1/4” above vice jaws squeeze pipe together and check to see if there is any separation in the heat area do other side and record results.
    6. Test sample is recorded as a pass (Ductile) if sample separates in pipe wall. Test sample is recorded as a fail (Brittle)if sample separates at the butt weld joint.
    7. If a butt fusion weld fails in a brittle manner another sample will be taken 180 degrees from first sample and re-test, if this test fails client will be notified.
    8. A complete written report will be issued within (7) working days from the time of the fusion being tuned in.

All reports are keep on file at Arctic Insulation and Manufacturing’s QA office, for four years.

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