McElroy Certified Equipment


Arctic Insulation and Manufacturing Certified McElroy Rental equipment fleets are a step above other rental options:

  • Arctic Insulation and Manufacturing Certified McElroy Rental equipment gets better overall care than other rental machines. Arctic Insulation and Manufacturing adheres to a comprehensive checklist for every rental machine in their fleet.
  • Machines in the rental program are constantly maintained to be in the best condition possible – all parts of the machine, from top to bottom, are checked. These checks include electrical, hydraulic, facer, heater and much more. When a repair is needed, only Genuine McElroy Parts are used.
  • Factory-trained inspectors look over the machine after each rental. If repairs are needed on a machine, Arctic Insulation and Manufacturing’s McElroy factory-trained mechanics are on-hand to perform repairs.
  • Arctic Insulation and Manufacturing is audited to ensure that each fleet meets the high expectations of the program.
  • Arctic Insulation and Manufacturing’s Certified McElroy Rental equipment offers more security and reliability, giving you the ability to get the job done.
  • Arctic Insulation and Manufacturing offers an annual equipment certification for all companies that have there own McElroy fusion equipment.  Our McElroy trained technicians will inspect your equipment and make sure it is up to OEM standards. Once your equipment has been inspected they will put an annual inspection sticker showing that your equipment is ready to perform.