McElroy DataLogger Training


Butt and saddle  fusion joining of PE pipe is a relatively simple, forgiving, and dependable process. However, as with any kind of pipe installation, proper procedures and diligence must always be used to consistently make satisfactory joints.  Fusion machine operators should demonstrate an aptitude for using mechanical equipment and be generally familiar with laying pipe.  They should have a demonstrated ability to follow procedures and be conscientious in their work. The amount of time it takes to provide the specified training can vary greatly and depends on the number of individuals being trained as well as their aptitude and willingness to follow directions.  However, participants shall not be considered “trained” until they have demonstrated proficiency on at least two test joints made under circumstances and field conditions representative or similar to those of the project.

The McElroy DataLogger used in conjunction McElroy Hydraulic Fusion Machines will, Record and document key parameters of the fusion process. It will create a joint report that can be saved, viewed, analyzed, printed, and transferred to a desktop computer for archiving.

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